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Choose classic comfort food at Della’s Kitchen, or indulge in a renewed take on a French and Italian influenced cuisine at Rivea. Grab a coffee or signature menu item at 3940's comfortable retreat. Finish the evening with a visit to Skyfall Lounge—a multi-sensory experience; combining a panoramic view of the city with artisan cocktails.

On Property Dining

Las Vegas, NV

Della's Kitchen

Located just steps from the Delano lobby, Della’s Kitchen blends natural design elements with industrial materials to exude a warm, comfortable simplicity that quietly entices guests to savor each bite and treasure every encounter.

Las Vegas, NV


프로방스와 이탈리아의 맛있는 식품 시장에서 영감을 얻은 메뉴 항목은 간단하고 신선한 접시와 웨스트 코스트의 최고의 제철 재료에 초점을 맞춘 리비에라의 평온하고 활기찬 자연을 만듭니다.

Las Vegas, NV

3940 커피와 차

천장의 독특한 조명은 편안한 분위기에 무늬가있는 빛을 발산하며, 손님은 대리석 벽난로 또는 매혹적인 거실에서 휴식을 취하고 휴식을 취할 수 있습니다.

On Property Nightlife

Las Vegas, NV

Skyfall Lounge

Enjoy the pace of our laid back atmosphere, a carefree escape from the noise and stress of the city while our resident DJ’s spin easygoing tunes and eclectic beats.

Las Vegas, NV

프랭클린 라운지

Enjoy craft cocktails, appetizers and converse in our seductive lobby bar featuring a deep color palette of dark blues and bronze.

Nearby Dining

Las Vegas, NV

Citizens Kitchen and Bar

Offering everything from continental breakfast to soup & salad combinations, hearty build-your-own sandwiches and signature entrees, Citizens Kitchen & Bar has a dish to satisfy any guest's craving.

Las Vegas, NV

Kumi Japanese Restaurant + Bar

Kumi는 한국계 미국인이 가미된 현대적인 일식 메뉴를 선보입니다.

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