Rise Skybar Lounge


Rise Skybar Lounge

Located high on the 27th floor,

인공 섬인 Pearl, West Bay 및 Lusail City의 멋진 전망을 제공하는 Rise는 Mondrian LA의 유명한 Skybar를 따라갑니다.

Currently closed, follow us on our social media channels for new updates.

Mondrian Doha bridge

Sky's Not the Limit. It's Our Address.

Inspired by the phenomenal colours of the sky, Rise’s hand-painted glass dome as its roof, fills the room with magical hues throughout the day, as you look down on the pool area and admire the crystal chandeliers hanging from above.

Mondrian Doha Pool

이벤트 & 케이터링

If you’re looking for an “extra” sensational spot, Rise is available for exclusive social events and special occasions.